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Miner, Sonia; Logan, John R.; & Spitze, Glenna (1993). Predicting the Frequency of Senior Center Attendance. Gerontologist, 33(5), 650-657.


The frequency of senior center attendance was studied using the 1984 Supplement on Aging of the National Health Interview Survey. Unlike previous research, which focused on whether people ever attend a senior center, this study estimates a multinomial logistic regression model to distinguish between persons who rarely, sometimes, and frequently attend. There is evidence that the more frequent users are older, which may indicate difficulty in recruiting new active members. Greater frequency is associated with lower income and lower education but is unrelated to functional disability. The most frequent users are persons who are more socially involved. Finally, those who live in rural areas are more likely to be only occasional users, which may reflect a lack of accessibility or less frequent program availability in those areas.


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Journal Article

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Miner, Sonia
Logan, John R.
Spitze, Glenna