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Sorenson, Cheryl; Meier, Robert J.; & Campbell, Benjamin C. (1993). Dermatoglyphic Asymmetry and Testosterone Levels in Normal Males. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 90, 185-198.


Dermatoglyphic prints and salivary samples were taken on a sample of 39 adult males. A statistical relationship between dermatoglyphic asymmetry and adult testosterone levels as measured in saliva was examined for seven dermatoglyphic variables by means of correlation, regression, and analysis of covariance, controlling for age and stature when necessary. The first two types of analyses indicated a significant effect of testosterone level upon the asymmetry of three dermatoglyphic variables: a-b ridge count, palmar pattern intensity, and the combined pattern intensity of palm and digits. Analysis of covariance, which examined the effect of testosterone level as a categorical variable, while holding age or stature constant, demonstrated the asymmetry of five variables to be significantly affected by testosterone level: radial digital count, digital pattern intensity, palmar pattern intensity, total digital ridge count, and the combined palmar and digital intensity. Although there is as yet only associational evidence linking levels of prenatal and secondary testosterone, the results of the present study lend support to the hypothesis that prenatal testosterone levels may have a significant effect on the development of dermatoglyphics.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

American Journal of Physical Anthropology


Sorenson, Cheryl
Meier, Robert J.
Campbell, Benjamin C.