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Chaney, Cassandra & Marsh, Kris (2009). Factors That Facilitate Relationship Entry among Married and Cohabiting African Americans. Marriage & Family Review, 45(1), 26-51.


This article examines whether social class differences influences low-income, married and cohabiting African Americans to realize that they are in a 'coupled' relationship. To determine the extent to which social class influences the assessment of 'couple' status in these partnerships, we examined the qualitative responses of 30 cohabiting and 31 married African Americans to a question regarding the specific event in their relationship that made them realize they were a couple. Qualitative analyses of the data resulted in four delineated themes: (1) relationship marker, (2) affection/sex, (3) having or rearing children, and (4) time and money. Supporting qualitative data are presented in connection with each theme. The sociological aspects of income on African American romantic relationships are also discussed. Adapted from the source document.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Marriage & Family Review


Chaney, Cassandra
Marsh, Kris