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Prospective Study on Nutrition Transition in China


Zhai, Fengying; Wang, Huijun; Du, Shufa; He, Yuna; Wang, Zhihong; Ge, Keyou; & Popkin, Barry M. (2009). Prospective Study on Nutrition Transition in China. Nutrition Reviews, 67(Suppl. 1), S56-61.


The aim of the prospective study reported here was to examine the effects of social and economic transformation on dietary patterns and nutritional status in China. The study began in 1989 and continued with follow-ups in 1991, 1993, 1997, 2000, and 2004. A total of 5000 subjects aged 18–45 years from 4280 households in nine provinces were included. Weighed records and three consecutive 24-h recalls were used. Over the study period, average consumption of all animal foods except milk increased, while cereal intake decreased. The proportion of animal protein and fat as a percentage of energy also increased. However, vitamin A and calcium intake did not increase and remained low. Child height and weight increased while undernutrition decreased and overweight increased. The results indicate that rapid changes in dietary pattern are associated with economic reforms in China.


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Journal Article

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Nutrition Reviews


Zhai, Fengying
Wang, Huijun
Du, Shufa
He, Yuna
Wang, Zhihong
Ge, Keyou
Popkin, Barry M.