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Measurement of the Quality of Family Planning Services


Veney, James; Magnani, Robert J.; & Gorbach, Pamina M. (1993). Measurement of the Quality of Family Planning Services. Population Research and Policy Review, 12, 243-259.


The quality of health services is a subject of increasing interest to health care providers and organizations responsible for financing and promoting health services. The importance of the client’s perspective (and by inference, the perspective of potential clients, as well) is now well established, but efforts to define and measure quality of health services. We propose that a better understanding of the view of quality on the use of services, a clarity that has not been possible by looking at quality only as defined by providers, managers or experts. We review the literature on quality of services and indemnify the gaps in research that must be filled if a better understanding of what quality is and how it relates to service outcomes is to be obtained. A first step must be the research required to develop a set of measures of quality that reflects the multi-dimensional nature of quality, includes the clients’ view of services in the definition of quality, and incorporates methodologies required to ascertain the true view of clients. Finally, we suggest that dimensions of quality identified as important for “clients” as a group will be more predicative of use of services than dimensions identified as important to “provides.”


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Population Research and Policy Review


Veney, James
Magnani, Robert J.
Gorbach, Pamina M.