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An, Soontae; Jin, Hyun Seung; & Brown, Jane D. (2009). Direct-to-Consumer Antidepressant Ads and Young Adults' Beliefs about Depression. Health Marketing Quarterly, 26(4), 259-278.


This study examined the extent to which exposure to direct-to-consumer (DTC) antidepressant ads is associated with young adults' understanding of depression as a medical condition. A vignette-based questionnaire was presented to 285 college students. Among those who had not experienced depressive symptoms, high exposure to a DTC antidepressant commercial was significantly associated with recognition of depression cases and listing antidepressants as a treatment option. As their exposure to the DTC ad increased, respondents also demonstrated a more positive evaluation of antidepressant treatment. Such effects were not found, however, for those who had experienced depressive symptoms.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Health Marketing Quarterly


An, Soontae
Jin, Hyun Seung
Brown, Jane D.