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Implementation of a Medical Geographic Information System: Concepts and Uses


Ali, Mohammad; Emch, Michael E.; Ashley, Christine; & Streatfield, Peter Kim (2001). Implementation of a Medical Geographic Information System: Concepts and Uses. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 19(2), 100-110.


This paper introduces a medical geographic information system which has been implemented to enhance public-health research by facilitating the modelling of spatial processes of disease, environment, and healthcare systems in a rural area of Bangladesh. In 1966, a surveillance system was implemented to record all vital demographic events in the study area. Selected information on reproductive and child health, socioeconomic conditions, and health and family-planning interventions is being collected for the surveillance database. This paper discusses the conceptual design of integrating the surveillance database with the medical geographic information system and its use in conducting multidisciplinary health research. The paper is intended to help those who wish to implement a health-based geographic information system to understand the links between people and their environments and to better meet the health needs of target communities.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition


Ali, Mohammad
Emch, Michael E.
Ashley, Christine
Streatfield, Peter Kim