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What About Dad? Fathers of Children Born to School-Age Mothers


Larson, Nancy C.; Hussey, Jon M.; Gillmore, Mary Rogers; & Gilchrist, Lewayne D. (1996). What About Dad? Fathers of Children Born to School-Age Mothers. Families in Society, 77(5), 279-289.


Information regarding fathers of children born to school-age mothers is minimal. In this study, the authors describe paternal age, relationship and contact wtth the mother of the child, help provided by fathers, and the natural history of paternal drug use and other illegal behaviors of 170 fathers through three and one-half years postpartum. Results indicated that fathers tended to be older than their partners and have intermittent patterns of contact and changing relationships with mothers over time. Many fathers engaged in illegal activities, including selling drugs. Potential predictors of ongoing contact between fathers, their partners, and their children are explored.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Families in Society


Larson, Nancy C.
Hussey, Jon M.
Gillmore, Mary Rogers
Gilchrist, Lewayne D.