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Brown, Jane D.; Bybee, C. R.; Wearden, S. T.; & Murdock, D. (1987). Invisible Power: News Sources and the Limits of Diversity. Journalism Quarterly, 64(1), 45-54.


The last broad-based, systematic assessment of news source diversity was published by Sigal 10 years ago.' Culbertson's study of the veiling of news sources is almost as old.' In the meantime, not only has the theoretical debate become more lively and more sophisticated, but substantial changes have taken place in the political. organizational and commercial environments of the news industry. These changes call for general recalibration, on the order of Sigal's and Culbertson's studies, regarding the nature and extent of diversity of news sources and news channels.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journalism Quarterly


Brown, Jane D.
Bybee, C. R.
Wearden, S. T.
Murdock, D.