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HIV/AIDS and Older Persons: Shifting the Focus from the Infected to the Affected


Williams, Nathalie E.; Knodel, John; & Lam, David (2010). HIV/AIDS and Older Persons: Shifting the Focus from the Infected to the Affected. Research on Aging, 32(1), 3-18.


More than a decade ago, the November 1998 issue of Research on Aging (ROA) was devoted to the topic of HIV/AIDS and aging and stood out as one of the rare serious attempts to bring older persons into the discourse concerning the epidemic. It was preceded by an edited volume on the topic published almost a decade earlier (Riley, Ory, and Zablotsky 1989) and followed by a theme issue on the topic in June 2003 of JAIDS (Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes). All three collections were very welcome given the scant attention that was being paid to older persons in the context of HIV/AIDS. However, each focused almost exclusively on the situation in the United States and on older persons who were either infected or at risk of infection with HIV. Although together the ROA and JAIDS theme issues included 37 articles, only one in each dealt explicitly with the situation outside North America and only these same articles discussed consequences for older persons who were affected rather than infected by the disease (Knodel, Watkins, and VanLandingham 2003; Sankar et al. 1998).


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Journal Article

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Research on Aging


Williams, Nathalie E.
Knodel, John
Lam, David