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Hertzman, Clyde; Siddiqi, Arjumand A.; Hertzman, Emily; Irwin, Lori G.; Vaghri, Ziba; Houweling, Tanja A. J.; Bell, Ruth; Tinajero, Alfredo; & Marmot, Michael G. (2010). Tackling Inequality: Get Them while They're Young. BMJ, 340(7742), c468.


What happens to children in their early years is critical for their development throughout life. Healthy early childhood development, including the physical, social-emotional, and language-cognitive domains, influences obesity and stunting, mental health, heart disease, competence in literacy and numeracy, criminality, and economic participation. Investment in early childhood is thus a powerful strategy for social development in both rich and poor countries. The economic returns to a society over the life course are likely to more than repay the original investment, especially if they are reinforced in later childhood. We examine the challenges for resource rich and poor countries.


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Journal Article

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Hertzman, Clyde
Siddiqi, Arjumand A.
Hertzman, Emily
Irwin, Lori G.
Vaghri, Ziba
Houweling, Tanja A. J.
Bell, Ruth
Tinajero, Alfredo
Marmot, Michael G.