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Global Health Is Public Health


Fried, Linda P.; Bentley, Margaret E.; Buekens, Pierre; Burke, Donald S.; Frenk, Julio J.; Klag, Michael J.; & Spencer, Harrison C. (2010). Global Health Is Public Health. Lancet, 375(9714), 535-537.


Last year, in The Lancet, Jeffrey Koplan and colleagues provided a new definition for global health and proposed several distinctions between global health, international health, and public health. This attempt to distinguish differences between global health and public health conflicts with the key tenets of a global public health strategy (panel). These tenets offer the foundation of a redesigned global health system that could accomplish the optimum level of health for populations. This approach has profound implications for training, scholarship, and practice necessary to improve human health.


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Journal Article

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Fried, Linda P.
Bentley, Margaret E.
Buekens, Pierre
Burke, Donald S.
Frenk, Julio J.
Klag, Michael J.
Spencer, Harrison C.