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King, Valarie & Elder, Glen H., Jr. (1995). American Children View Their Grandparents: Linked Lives across Three Rural Generations. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 57(1), 165-178.


Examined differences between rural farm and nonfarm families on the extent and quality of relations between adolescents and their grandparents, with emphasis on the mediational role of 2 linking relationships, child-parent and parent-grandparent. In a longitudinal study of rural generations in Iowa, data concerning relations with grandparents were collected from grandchildren and their parents in 398 families. Grandchildren in farm families lived closer to their grandparents and had more contact with them than nonfarm rural S, particularly for paternal grandparents. Grandchildren in farm families also rated the quality of their relationship with paternal grandparents higher than those in nonfarm families. Relations between grandchildren and grandparents were contingent upon the quality of intergenerational relationships generally, but especially between parents and grandparents, among both farm and nonfarm families.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Marriage and the Family


King, Valarie
Elder, Glen H., Jr.