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Lee, Kimberly A.; Vaillant, George E.; Torrey, William C.; & Elder, Glen H., Jr. (1996). A 50-Year Prospective Study of the Psychological Sequelae of World War II Combat: Ms. Lee and Colleagues Reply. American Journal of Psychiatry, 153(4), 585.


To THE EDITOR: Dr. Wiseman raises an extremely important question when she wonders if smoking could account for the increased morbidity seen in combat veterans. Certainly, in our study, alcohol abuse, depression, smoking, and greater physical morbidity were all highly correlated. Each of the first three vanables makes an independent contribution to greater mortality and morbidity.


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Psychiatry


Lee, Kimberly A.
Vaillant, George E.
Torrey, William C.
Elder, Glen H., Jr.

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