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Walsh, Stephen J. & Weiss, Daniel J. (2011). Solifluction.. Singh, Vijay P.; Singh, Pratap; & Haritashya, Umesh Kumar (Eds.) (pp. 1071-1074). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.


The earth’s cryosphere, which includes snow, glaciers and ice caps, ice sheets, ice shelves, sea ice, river and lake ice, and frozen ground, contains about 75% of the earth’s fresh water. It exists at almost all latitudes, from the tropics to the poles, and plays a vital role in controlling the global climate system. It also provides direct visible evidence of the effect of climate change, and, therefore, requires proper understanding of the complex dynamics.

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Book Section

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Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series


Walsh, Stephen J.
Weiss, Daniel J.