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Kasarda, John D. (2010). Global Airport Cities. Twickenham, England: Insight Media.


Global Airport Cities Book is an elegant, fully illustrated, environmentally friendly compendium celebrating those airports and suppliers that are pioneers and leaders in airport city design and development. The editorial is written by experts in the conception and design of airport cities and the aerotropolis. It examines and highlights the rise of this new urban form and its importance in stimulating regional economic growth. Case studies and profiles from airports highlight their unique achievements so far, and their visions for the future.
It maps unique and cutting-edge land development strategies from airports around the world, highlighting how they have attracted top business tenants by offering them a competitive position through access to global air links and a first-class real estate offering. This is the only comprehensive publication examining trends in airport city developments, covering all parties engaged in the planning and development of airport cities.

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Edited Book

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Kasarda, John D.