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Exploring Familial Processes in Urban, Low-Income African American Families


Seaton, Eleanor K; .; & Taylor, Ronald D. (2003). Exploring Familial Processes in Urban, Low-Income African American Families. Journal of Family Issues, 24(5), 627-644.


A family process model was created to explore the direct and indirect links between financial resources, maternal optimism, maternal depression, routine, and various indices of adolescent adjustment among urban African American families. These processes have been explored among rural African American and European American families but not urban African American families. The sample consists of interview data from 164 low-income African American mothers and their adolescent children. The results are congruent with the hypothesized model of family processes. Financial resources are significantly associated with maternal optimism and depression but not routine. Also, maternal optimism is significantly associated with routine although depression is not. Routine is significantly associated with academic self-concept and school engagement but not depression and problem behavior. Maternal optimism and depression do not mediate the relation between financial resources and routine.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Family Issues


Seaton, Eleanor K
Taylor, Ronald D.