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Neblett, Enrique W., Jr.; Hammond, Wizdom Powell; Seaton, Eleanor K; .; & Townsend, Tiffany G. (2010). Underlying Mechanisms in the Relationship between Africentric Worldview and Depressive Symptoms. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 57(1), 105-113. PMCID: PMC2863118


This study examines underlying mechanisms in the relationship between an Africentric worldview and depressive symptoms. Participants were 112 African American young adults. An Africentric worldview buffered the association between perceived stress and depressive symptoms. The relationship between an Africentric worldview and depressive symptoms was mediated by perceived stress and emotion-focused coping. These findings highlight the protective function of an Africentric worldview in the context of African Americans’ stress experiences and psychological health and offer promise for enhancing African American mental health service delivery and treatment interventions.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Counseling Psychology


Neblett, Enrique W., Jr.
Hammond, Wizdom Powell
Seaton, Eleanor K
Townsend, Tiffany G.