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Bauman, Karl E. & Ennett, Susan T. (1994). Peer Influence on Adolescent Drug Use. The American Psychologist, 49, 820-822.


Prominent researchers (Newcomb & Bentler, 1989; Oetting & Beauvais, 1986) and organizations (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1991; U.S. Department of Education, 1990) are among many who have concluded that peer group influence is one of the major reasons adolescents begin to use drugs. Other reports, ignored in most considerations of adolescent drug use, suggest that peer influence is overestimated. One purpose of this comment is to present our perspective on these positions; a related purpose is to suggest that social network analysis is an appropriate method for studying adolescent drug use in the context of peer groups.

Reference Type

Journal Article

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The American Psychologist


Bauman, Karl E.
Ennett, Susan T.