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Reply to Dr. Magos–Re: Epidemiological Studies of Paternal Exposure and Spontaneous Abortion


Savitz, David A.; Sonnenfeld, Nancy L.; & Olshan, Andrew F. (1995). Reply to Dr. Magos--Re: Epidemiological Studies of Paternal Exposure and Spontaneous Abortion. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 27(5), 609-610.


The editor-in-chief of this journal recently announced a policy requiring authors to disclose organizational affiliations beyond current employer and source of research funding [Landrigan, 19941. The announcement mentioned Rothman’s [ 19931 characterization of conflict of interest policies as “the new McCarthyism in science” but did not address Rothman’s specific concerns. Rothman [1993] has argued that these seemingly well intentioned policies are unnecessary for scientific evaluation, that they may reduce the objectivity of the scientific process, and that they raise new ethical issues to the extent that they deny authors a fair hearing for their articles


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Industrial Medicine


Savitz, David A.
Sonnenfeld, Nancy L.
Olshan, Andrew F.