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Poulos, Christine; Riewpaiboon, Arthorn; Stewart, John F.; Clemens, John D.; Guh, Soyeon; Agtini, Magdarina; Sur, Dipika; Islam, Z.; Lucas, Marcelino; & Whittington, Dale, et al. (2012). Costs of Illness Due to Endemic Cholera. Epidemiology & Infection, 140(3), 500-509. PMCID: PMC3824392


Economic analyses of cholera immunization programmes require estimates of the costs of cholera. The Diseases of the Most Impoverished programme measured the public, provider, and patient costs of culture-confirmed cholera in four study sites with endemic cholera using a combination of hospital- and community-based studies. Families with culture-proven cases were surveyed at home 7 and 14 days after confirmation of illness. Public costs were measured at local health facilities using a micro-costing methodology. Hospital-based studies found that the costs of severe cholera were US$32 and US$47 in Matlab and Beira. Community-based studies in North Jakarta and Kolkata found that cholera cases cost between US$28 and US$206, depending on hospitalization. Patients' cost of illness as a percentage of average monthly income were 21% and 65% for hospitalized cases in Kolkata and North Jakarta, respectively. This burden on families is not captured by studies that adopt a provider perspective.


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Journal Article

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Epidemiology & Infection


Poulos, Christine
Riewpaiboon, Arthorn
Stewart, John F.
Clemens, John D.
Guh, Soyeon
Agtini, Magdarina
Sur, Dipika
Islam, Z.
Lucas, Marcelino
Whittington, Dale
the DOMI Cholera COI Study Group,