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Childhood Precursors of Age at First Intercourse for Females


Udry, J. Richard; Kovenock, Judith; Morris, Naomi M.; & Berg, Bea J. van den (1995). Childhood Precursors of Age at First Intercourse for Females. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 24(3), 329-337.


Age at first intercourse for a sample of adult white women using variables measured during childhood is predicted. Childhood predictors were measured at birth, and ages 5 and 9-11, using existing public-use data on the women. Median age at first intercourse for the sample was 17.5 years. Early family predictors, early developmental characteristics, and temperamental characteristics during childhood together could predict about a fourth of the variance in age at first intercourse. The strongest predictors were motor skills and nightmares at age 5, church attendance with family at age 9, and domineering and mature personality at age 9.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Archives of Sexual Behavior


Udry, J. Richard
Kovenock, Judith
Morris, Naomi M.
Berg, Bea J. van den