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Li, Jiang; Quinn, Jeff; Rico, Cassandra L.; Noguera, Amaris C.; Silbajoris, Christie; Brown, Jane D.; & McDuffee, Diana (2010). Developing a Health Care Intermediary-Delivered Intervention to Promote an Online Health Information Resource: Results from Formative Research. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, 14(4), 369-381.


This study describes the development of a health care intermediary-delivered intervention to promote an existing state-based health information Web site (NC Health Info) originally designed by health science librarians. Two focus groups and six key informant interviews were conducted with 17 health care intermediaries (HCIs) to: (1) identify key trends in HCIs' use of and attitudes toward online health information; (2) understand the barriers HCIs and their patients/clients face when using a health information Web site; and (3) design an intervention promoting the use of the online health information resource among HCIs and their patients/clients.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet


Li, Jiang
Quinn, Jeff
Rico, Cassandra L.
Noguera, Amaris C.
Silbajoris, Christie
Brown, Jane D.
McDuffee, Diana