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Elder, Glen H., Jr. & Russell, Stephen T. (1996). Academic Performance and Future Aspirations. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage.


How do divorced and intact families differ? Is there a link between parental divorce and child adjustment? How do parents and children in divorced families interact differently from those in intact families? "Understanding Differences Between Divorced and Intact Families" offers . . . insights on these and other important questions. The research team behind this volume has assembled and analyzed data from 2 large-scale studies [the Iowa Youth and Families Project and Iowa Single Parent Project] of Midwestern families—one examining intact families, the other examining divorced families. The findings illustrate the special stresses each type of family suffers and the impact of divorce on children.

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Understanding Differences between Divorced and Intact Families: Stress, Interaction, and Child Outcomes


Elder, Glen H., Jr.
Russell, Stephen T.