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Clipp, Elizabeth J. Colerick & Elder, Glen H., Jr. (1996). The Aging Veteran of World War II: Psychiatric and Life Course Insights.. Ruskin, Paul E. & Talbott, John A. (Eds.) (pp. 19-51). Washington: American Psychiatric Press.


Aging and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) explores the psychological sequelae of severe trauma in elderly patients and the manifestations in old age of psychological symptoms secondary to trauma experienced earlier in life. Although methodological issues have made the scientific study of PTSD difficult, a number of well-designed research projects have begun to identify some of the key factors of aging and PTSD.
Do elderly patients respond differently to stress than younger people, and do the effects of early stress change over time? These questions are the focus of the book’s 22 contributors. Research with World War II combat veterans, Holocaust survivors, elderly victims of trauma, and abused elderly persons provides new insight into why they might experience trauma differently than younger individuals. Longitudinal data collected over a 14-year period provide a fascinating comparison of psychological distress and PTSD among older and younger people.

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Clipp, Elizabeth J. Colerick
Elder, Glen H., Jr.