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Measurement of Testosterone in Infant Fecal Samples


Thompson, Amanda L.; Whitten, Patricia L.; & Lampl, Michelle (2011). Measurement of Testosterone in Infant Fecal Samples. American Journal of Human Biology, 23(6), 820-822.


OBJECTIVES: This study reports the validation of a noninvasive method for repeated assessment of testosterone from infant fecal samples.
METHODS: Fecal samples were collected from cotton diaper liners, subjected to methanol extraction, and assayed using a modified commercial testosterone RIA kit.
RESULTS: Method validity was supported by a recovery near 100%, a sensitivity of 1.23 pg/ml, and inter- and intra-assay coefficients of variations less than 10 and 15%, respectively. Testosterone was detected in all samples from male and female infants aged 2 weeks to 15 months.
CONCLUSIONS: Fecal assessment is supported as a novel, non-invasive tool for studying testosterone during early human development.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

American Journal of Human Biology


Thompson, Amanda L.
Whitten, Patricia L.
Lampl, Michelle