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Cohen, Philip N. & Huffman, Matt L. (2010). Working for the Woman? Female Managers and the Gender Wage Gap [Reprint].. Gatrell, Caroline; Cooper, Cary L.; & Kossek, Ellen Ernst (Eds.) (pp. 174-197). Northampton, Mass.: Edward Elgar.


Since the enactment of the gender equality laws in the USA in the mid 1970s, scholars and policy makers have placed much focus on the situation of women within management. In this authoritative collection, the editors have brought together seminal articles by leading academics to demonstrate that there continue to be differences between equal opportunities policies and work place practices. Areas covered in this excellent two-volume set include career breaks and the gender pay gap, women and work–life integration, the glass ceiling, and gender and diversity.

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Book Section

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International Library of Critical Writings on Business and Management


Cohen, Philip N.
Huffman, Matt L.