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Elder, Glen H., Jr. (2005). History and the Family: The Discovery of Complexity.. Miller, Robert (Ed.) (pp. 159-210). Thousand Oaks, Calif.: SAGE Publications.


The life history or biographical research method was popular in the early decades of the twentieth century and, after a period of eclipse caused by the rise of quantitative methods, is enjoying a resurgence of interest. This burgeoning of interest is enough that we can now speak of a biographical `turn' as the social sciences
These four volumes present the first established collection of the biographical method literature and brings together the many diverse strands. The set will serve to set the canon for this re-established research area.
The collection is organized around eight themes: the classical statements dominated by the pre-war American `'Chicago School' of sociology; the neo-classical statements of the first wave of renewed interest in the 1970s; interviewing, including reflexivity, recall and narrative structures; analysis and the principles of selection in generating stories for narrative biographical interviews; biographical concepts such as life courses and generations; transitions and social trauma; biography and social policy; and controversies in biographical research.

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SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods


Elder, Glen H., Jr.