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“Sex and the Single Planet”: A Review


Marquette, Catherine M. & Bilsborrow, Richard E. (1994). "Sex and the Single Planet": A Review. Human Ecology Review, 1, 245-247.


In the wake of the UNCED Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and continuing revelations of global climate change, rainforest destruction, and mounting urban environmental problems, debate on the linkages between population and the environment is once again widespread. In the late 1960s and early 1970s the book “Limits to Growth” (Meadows, et. al.,1972) and the dramatic doomsday prophecies made by Paul Ehrlich in “The Population Bomb” (1968) forced the general public as well as the academic community to seriously consider the impact of unprecedented population growth on the environment. Recent discussion, which is reflected in Paul Harrison’s article “Sex and the Single Planet: Need, Greed, and Earthly Limits,” suggests that current thinking on population-environment relationships distinguishes itself from this earlier debate in some ways while it remains stubbornly the same in other respects.


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Journal Article

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Human Ecology Review


Marquette, Catherine M.
Bilsborrow, Richard E.