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de Batlle, Jordi; Romieu, Isabelle; Anto, Josep M.; Mendez, Michelle A.; Rodriguez, Esther; Balcells, Eva; Ferrer, Antoni; Gea, Joaquim; Rodriguez-Roisin, Robert; & Garcia-Aymerich, Judith and the PAC-COPD Study Group, (2009). Dietary Habits of Firstly Admitted Spanish COPD Patients. Respiratory Medicine, 103(12), 1904-1910.


BACKGROUND & AIMS: We described dietary habits in a Spanish sample of COPD patients and assessed its adequacy according to dietary recommendations, which so far have never been published.
METHODS: 275 patients hospitalized for the first time for a COPD exacerbation in Spain answered a 122-item food frequency questionnaire on their last 2 years dietary habits. A Spanish food composition table was used to estimate nutrient intake. Adequacy of dietary intakes was assessed using the Spanish Nutrition Society guidelines for the elderly.
RESULTS: Mean(SD) age was 68(8)years, 93% males, 32% current smokers, and post-bronchodilator FEV(1) 53(16)% predicted. Mean(SD) body mass index was 28(5)kg/m2, with only 2% of subjects under 20kg/m2. Mean intake of meat, poultry and eggs was slightly higher (mean 108g/d) than recommended. Fish and shellfish (86g/d) as well as fruit and vegetables (567g/d) were adequate. Mean energy intake was 2033kcal/d. The proportion of energy from carbohydrates was lower (39%) whereas that from proteins and lipids were higher than recommended (20% and 35%, respectively). Alcohol intake was <30g in 80% of patients. Fatty acids, vitamin and mineral intakes were adequate, except for a deficiency in vitamin D (4.5microg/d). Stratification by socio-demographic and clinical characteristics showed very similar results.
CONCLUSIONS: Moderate-to-severe Spanish COPD patients report an adequate intake of the main food groups and macro- and micro-nutrients according to local recommendations, excepting vitamin D.


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Journal Article

Year Published


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Respiratory Medicine


de Batlle, Jordi
Romieu, Isabelle
Anto, Josep M.
Mendez, Michelle A.
Rodriguez, Esther
Balcells, Eva
Ferrer, Antoni
Gea, Joaquim
Rodriguez-Roisin, Robert
Garcia-Aymerich, Judith and the PAC-COPD Study Group,