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Bezerra, Ilana Nogueira; de Moura Souza, Amanda; Pereira, Rosangela Alves; & Sichieri, Rosely (2013). Contribution of Foods Consumed Away from Home to Energy Intake in Brazilian Urban Areas: The 2008-9 Nationwide Dietary Survey. British Journal of Nutrition, 109(7), 1276-1283.


The objectives of the present study were to estimate the dietary contribution of away-from-home food consumption, to describe the contribution of away-from-home foods to energy intake, and to investigate the association between eating away from home and total energy intake in Brazilian urban areas. In the first Brazilian Nationwide Dietary Survey, conducted in 2008-9, food records were collected from 25 753 individuals aged 10 years or older, living in urban areas of Brazil. Foods were grouped into thirty-three food groups, and the mean energy intake provided by away-from-home food consumption was estimated. Linear regression models were used to evaluate the association between away-from-home food consumption and total energy intake. All analyses considered the sample design effect. Of the total population, 43 % consumed at least one food item away from home. The mean energy intake from foods consumed away from home was 1408 kJ (337 kcal), averaging 18 % of total energy intake. Eating away from home was associated with increased total energy intake, except for men in the highest income level. The highest percentage of away-from-home energy sources was for food with a high content of energy, such as alcoholic beverages (59 %), baked and deep-fried snacks (54 %), pizza (42 %), soft drinks (40 %), sandwiches (40 %), and sweets and desserts (30 %). The consumption of foods away from home was related to a greater energy intake. The characterisation of away-from-home food habits is necessary in order to properly design strategies to promote healthy food consumption in the away-from-home environment.


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Journal Article

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British Journal of Nutrition


Bezerra, Ilana Nogueira
de Moura Souza, Amanda
Pereira, Rosangela Alves
Sichieri, Rosely