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Persha, Lauren M.; Chhatre, Ashwini; Agrawal, Arun; & Ostrom, Elinor (2012). Managing Forest Commons in Africa.. Aryeetey, Ernest; Devarajan, Shantayanan; Kanbur, Ravi; & Kasekende, Louis (Eds.) (pp. 402-409). New York: Oxford University Press.


Africa is a diverse continent. But is there a pattern to the diversity? Are there commonalities across the countries? And what does economics tell us about the diversity and the commonalities?
The Oxford Companion to the Economics of Africa is a definitive and comprehensive account of the key issues and topics affecting Africa's ability to grow and develop. It includes 53 thematic and 48 country perspectives by a veritable who's who of more than 100 leading economic analysts of Africa. The contributors include: bright new African researchers based in Africa; renowned academics from the top Universities in Africa, Europe and North America; present and past Chief Economists of the African Development Bank; present and past Chief Economists for Africa of the World Bank; present and past Chief Economists of the World Bank; African Central Bank governors and finance ministers; and four Nobel Laureates in Economics.

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Book Section

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Economics of Africa


Persha, Lauren M.
Chhatre, Ashwini
Agrawal, Arun
Ostrom, Elinor