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Miller, Andrew T.; Morgan, S. Philip; & McDaniel, Antonio (1994). Under the Same Roof: Family and Household Structure.. Watkins, Susan Cotts (Ed.) (pp. 125-173). New York: Russell Sage Foundation.


This volume portrays immigrants and their children as they passed through the 1910 census. In 1910, 14.6 percent of the total population enumerated in the U.S. Census was foreign-born, higher than in any subsequent census; in contrast, an estimated 8.5 percent of the 1990 population are foreign-born (United States 1913, p. 125; Passel and Edmonston forthcoming). If one counts the children of the foreign-born as well, approximately one-third of the 1910 population was of foreign stock, in contrast to about one-fifth in 1990 (United States 1913, p. 126; Passel and Edmonston forthcoming). Although the numbers of foreign-born and foreign stock...


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Miller, Andrew T.
Morgan, S. Philip
McDaniel, Antonio