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Morgan, S. Philip; Sobotka, Tomas; & Testa, Maria Rita (2011). Vienna Yearbook of Population Research: Special Issue on Reproductive Decision-Making. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences.


The Vienna Yearbook of Population Research has been published by the Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2003. The Yearbook features peer-reviewed research articles addressing population trends as well as a broad range of theoretical and methodological issues in population research, particularly those relevant to developments in Austria. It also provides a scientific outlet for the demographic research community in the Vienna area and aims to bring its work to the attention of the international scientific community. In addition to research articles, the journal also publishes Demographic Debates featuring invited contributions on topics related to the ongoing scientific debates in population research. Finally, contributions on Data & Trends map long-term developments as well as recent trends in various components of population change in Austria and in Europe.

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Edited Book

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Morgan, S. Philip
Sobotka, Tomas
Testa, Maria Rita