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Darity, William A., Jr. (1995). The Undesirables, America's Underclass in the Managerial Age: Beyond the Myrdal Theory of Racial Inequality. Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 124, 145-167.


In 1944, GUNNAR MYRDAL opened chapter 17 of An American Dilemma, "The Mechanics of Economic Discrimination as a Practical Problem," with the following decidedly pessimistic commentary: "The picture of the economic situation of the Negro people is dark. The prospects for the future...are discouraging. The main practical problem must be how to open up new possibilities for Negroes to earn a living by their labor." Today, fifty years after the publication of An American Dilemma, we must ask whether blacks will be significant participants in twenty-first century America. Opening up jobs from which African Americans have been excluded by discriminatory practices remains an important issue, but it is subordinate to the question of the prospects for the inclusion of Black Americans in this nation's future, given the comprehensive nature of discrimination


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Journal Article

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Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences


Darity, William A., Jr.