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Darity, William A., Jr. (1994). What's So 'New' about the 'New' Theories of Technical Change?: Adam Smith, Robert Lucas Jr and Economic Growth.. Davidson, Paul & Kregel, Jan A. (Eds.) (pp. 97-111). Aldershot, England: Edward Elgar.


This important book brings together a significant body of new essays on some of the central economic problems facing governments, firms and individuals in the 1990s. Under the direction of Paul Davidson and J.A. Kregel, an international group of distinguished economists provides new perspectives on key issues including employment, corporate and work place restructuring, economic growth and development, financial integration and transformation of the former command economies. Combining rigorous scholarly assessments of the issues with policy prescription, the contributors seek to provide solutions to the problem of providing full employment, to identify the factors determining the expansion of the economy, and to analyse the impact of financial markets, financial derivatives and international regulations on domestic and global economic performance.
Employment, Growth and Finance will be welcomed by all those interested in the solutions to international economic problems being developed by post Keynesian economists.

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Darity, William A., Jr.