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Tashakkori, Abbas & Thompson, Vaida D. (1992). Predictors of Intention to Take Precautions against AIDS among Black College Students. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 22(9), 736-753.


Explored the relationship between behavioral intentions to engage in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)-risky sexual practices and variables assumed to be important factors in AIDS prevention, including beliefs and knowledge about AIDS, fears of AIDS, perceived vulnerability of self and others, as well as probability that self and others on one's campus would contract AIDS, perceived efficacy to control exposure to AIDS, self-esteem, general locus of control, and past behavioral reaction to the threat of AIDS. General intention to "do something to protect oneself against AIDS," and specific behavioral intention to use condoms in vaginal sex were measured and considered as possible proxies for future behavior. 124 nonmarried Black college students completed questionnaires. Situational efficacy (to protect oneself from AIDS) was the best predictor of general intention.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Applied Social Psychology


Tashakkori, Abbas
Thompson, Vaida D.