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Marital Status


Uhlenberg, Peter (1996). Marital Status.. Vitt, Lois A. & Siegenthaler, Jurg K. (Eds.). Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.


This comprehensive reference covers financial topics that are important to older Americans. Written by experts in a variety of specialties, these A to Z arranged entries include gerontological and finance terms and concepts, policies and programs, and needs and problems -- from expenditures and financial planning to insurance and taxes; family, ethical, and legal issues; housing, health care, and old-age security questions and programs; and much more. Each article features references to research, key bibliographies, sources for advice, and guides to further information. The encyclopedia is cross-referenced and fully indexed for easy use by lay persons, researchers, and professionals working with persons over 55 and their families. Teachers, students, practitioners, and general readers will find in this reference work a treasury of information.

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Uhlenberg, Peter