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Johnson, James H., Jr. (1996). The Real Issues for Reducing Poverty.. Darby, Michael R. (Ed.) (pp. 337-363). Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage.


It is a reality that many people are poor, and it is equally real that there is no firm basis to say how many millions of people really are poor. However much poverty there may be, Americans want to reduce it. In this collection of 18 essays, some leading scholars of poverty consider what can be done to reduce poverty. Part 1 explores poverty and the underclass, introducing the fundamental issues of whether it is necessary to reduce poverty defined as low income, or reduce welfare dependency, or whether the real problem is to save children otherwise destined to become part of a self-reproducing underclass. Part 2 then describes three broadly different visions of how to approach these goals through welfare reform, behavior change, or reform of urban society. Parts 3, 4, 5, and 6 examine in depth four areas of focus in antipoverty efforts: (1) education; (2) community empowerment; (3) job training; and (4) social interventions. Part 7 relates the state of knowledge reflected in these essays to the broader issues of Part 2. References follow most chapters.

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Johnson, James H., Jr.