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Biosocial Models of Low-Fertility Societies


Udry, J. Richard (1996). Biosocial Models of Low-Fertility Societies.. Casterline, John B.; Lee, Ronald D.; & Foote, Karen A. (Eds.) (pp. 325-336). New York: The Population Council.


The 14 articles in this collection provide new perspectives on American fertility in two ways; they portray substantial (and unappreciated) changes in fertility behavior in the United States during the past two decades; and they identify and illustrate new frameworks and theoretical approaches for interpreting these changes.
Despite the weakening of the traditional linkages between marriage, sexual activity, childbearing, and mothers staying at home to rear children, childbearing and childrearing retain their place as core family-related behaviors, both in social science theory and in widely shared perceptions of family life. They also remain vitally important for a range of domestic policy issues - social security, education, and poverty foremost among them.

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Udry, J. Richard