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Jain, Sagar C. (1996). Review of Dominique van de Walle and Kimberly Nead, Public Spending and the Poor. Theory and Evidence. Health Policy, 38(1), 67-68.


In the history of human civilization, the concern for equality is relatively recent. The pursuit of this concern has produced a number of theories which are at times classified as social engineering. They range from Karl Marx’s classical work to various forms of public welfare. This book is focused on one type of public welfare, namely public spending and it makes a much needed attempt to match the theory behind public spending with the empirical hind sight. in the process of doing this, it goes to great Iengths to highlight the methodological and data difficulties faced by researchers engaged in this debate. It should be noted hurriedly that this book is rather sophisticated economics by the economists and for the economists. Those trained in other disciplines would need another version of this book to join this discussion effectively.


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Journal Article

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Health Policy


Jain, Sagar C.

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