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Villages as Contexts for Contraceptive Behavior in Rural Egypt


Entwisle, Barbara; Casterline, John B.; & Hussein, A.-A Sayed (1989). Villages as Contexts for Contraceptive Behavior in Rural Egypt. American Sociological Review, 54, 1019-1034.


This research joins sociological and demographic traditions in a study of villages as contexts for contraceptive behavior in rural Egypt. Using survey data collected in the early 1980s, we explore the effects of village, household, and individual characteristics on contraceptive use and expectations about future use. Primary interest centers on the effects of the village variables, including the structure of the village economy, modernization of agriculture, level of school participation, and family planning service environment. The analysis demonstrates clearly that contraceptive behavior in rural Egypt varies systematically with these features of the village setting. In addition, village effects appear to vary according to characteristics of individual respondents: women respond differently depending on the stage in their reproductive career and their motivation to regulate fertility


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Journal Article

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American Sociological Review


Entwisle, Barbara
Casterline, John B.
Hussein, A.-A Sayed