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Trans-Ethnic Fine-Mapping of Lipid Loci Identifies Population-Specific Signals and Allelic Heterogeneity That Increases the Trait Variance Explained


Wu, Ying; Waite, Lindsay L.; Jackson, Anne U.; Sheu, Wayne Huey-Herng; Buyske, Steven G.; Absher, Devin M.; Arnett, Donna K.; Boerwinkle, Eric A.; Bonnycastle, Lori L.; & Carty, Cara L., et al. (2013). Trans-Ethnic Fine-Mapping of Lipid Loci Identifies Population-Specific Signals and Allelic Heterogeneity That Increases the Trait Variance Explained. PLOS Genetics, 9(3), e1003379. PMCID: PMC3605054


Lipid traits are heritable, but many of the DNA variants that influence lipid levels remain unknown. In a genomic region, more than one variant may affect gene expression or function, and the frequencies of these variants can differ across populations. Genotyping densely spaced variants in individuals with different ancestries may increase the chance of identifying variants that affect gene expression or function. We analyzed high-density genotyped variants for association with TG, HDL-C, and LDL-C in African Americans, East Asians, and Europeans. At several genomic regions, we provide evidence that two or more variants can influence lipid traits; across loci, these additional signals increase the proportion of trait variation that can be explained by genes. At some association signals shared across populations, combining data from individuals of different ancestries narrowed the set of likely functional variants. At


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Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

PLOS Genetics


Wu, Ying
Waite, Lindsay L.
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