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Kalsbeek, William D.; Bowling, J. Michael; & Jolly, David H. (1990). Knowledge and Attitudes about AIDS among North Carolina Adults. CHES Studies, 54, 1-3.


Findings on knowledge and attitudes about AIDS are presented from a 1987 telephone survey of 600 randomly chosen North Carolina Adults. AIDS-related knowledge in this population was found to have been largely obtained through the news media. Furthermore, the displayed level of understanding about transmission of the virus was somewhat higher than knowledge related to some of the common myths about AIDS. The amount of formal education was consistently a strong positive predictor of both types of knowledge. Although AIDS was rarely seen an immediate, personal threat to these adults, the need for continuing AIDS education, particularly among school age children, was strongly endorsed.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

CHES Studies


Kalsbeek, William D.
Bowling, J. Michael
Jolly, David H.