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Bezerra, Ilana Nogueira; de Moura Souza, Amanda; Pereira, Rosangela Alves; & Sichieri, Rosely (2013). Consumption of Foods Away from Home in Brazil. Revista de Saude Publica, 47(Suppl. 1), S200S-11.


OBJECTIVE: To describe foods consumed away from home and associated factors in Brazil.
METHODS: The study was based on the National Dietary Survey which was conducted among residents aged over 10 years old in 24% of households participating in the Household Budget Survey in 2008-2009 (n = 34,003). The consumption of food and beverages was collected through records of foods consumed, type of preparation, quantity, time and food source (inside or outside home). The frequency with which individuals consumed food away from home was calculated according to age, gender, income, household area location, family size, presence of children at home and age of head of household in Brazil and in each Brazilian region. Specific sampling weight and effect of the sampling design were considered in the analyses.
RESULTS: Consumption of food away from home in Brazil was reported by 40% of respondents, varying from 13% among the elderly in the Midwest Region to 51% among adolescents in the Southeast. This percentage decreased with age and increased with income in all regions of Brazil and was higher among men and in urban areas. Foods with the highest percentage of consumption outside home were alcoholic beverages, baked and fried snacks, pizza, soft drinks and sandwiches.
CONCLUSIONS: Foods consumed away from home showed a predominance of high energy content and poor nutritional content, indicating that the consumption of foods away from home should be considered in public health campaigns aimed at improving Brazilians' diet.


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Journal Article

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Journal Title

Revista de Saude Publica


Bezerra, Ilana Nogueira
de Moura Souza, Amanda
Pereira, Rosangela Alves
Sichieri, Rosely