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Liu, Quan; Brown, Jane D.; & Zhao, Xinshu (2012). The Study of Professional Dimensions on the AIDS Report in Different Media in Mainland China: A Case of World AIDS Day 2009. Journalism & Communication, 2012(2), 28-34, 110.


Over the recent decade, the Chinese government has regarded World AIDS Day as a major opportunity to disseminate HIV/AIDS information. In this paper, we analyzed the frequency and content framework of the AIDS report in different media around the World AIDS Day (from 11/30/2009 to 12/2/2009), and found the HIV/AIDS reports on television, newspapers and networks had differences on the professional dimension due to the differences in media features and operational mechanisms.

Reference Type

Journal Article

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Journal Title

Journalism & Communication


Liu, Quan
Brown, Jane D.
Zhao, Xinshu