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Meta-Analysis of Loci Associated with Age at Natural Menopause in African-American Women


Chen, Christina T. L.; Liu, Ching-Ti; Chen, Gary K.; Andrews, Jeanette S.; Arnold, Alice M.; Dreyfus, Jill; Franceschini, Nora; Garcia, Melissa E.; Kerr, Kathleen F.; & Li, Guo, et al. (2014). Meta-Analysis of Loci Associated with Age at Natural Menopause in African-American Women. Human Molecular Genetics, 23(12), 3327-3342. PMCID: PMC4030781


Age at menopause marks the end of a woman¡¦s reproductive life and its timing associates with risks for cancer, cardiovascular and bone disorders. GWAS and candidate gene studies conducted in women of European ancestry have identified twenty-seven loci associated with age at menopause. The relevance of these loci to women of African ancestry has not been previously studied. We therefore sought to uncover additional menopause loci and investigate the relevance of European menopause loci by performing a GWAS meta-analysis in 6510 women with African ancestry derived from eleven studies across the United States. We did not identify any additional loci significantly associated with age at menopause in African Americans. We replicated the associations between six loci and age at menopause (p-value <0.05): AMHR2, RHBLD2, PRIM1, HK3/UMC1, BRSK1/TMEM150B and MCM8. In addition, associations of fourteen loci are directionally consistent with previous reports. We provide evidence that genetic variants influencing reproductive traits identified in European populations are also important in women of African ancestry residing in United States.


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Journal Article

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Human Molecular Genetics


Chen, Christina T. L.
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