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Kasarda, John D. & Appold, Stephen J. (2014). Planning a Competitive Aerotropolis.. Peoples, James H., Jr. (Ed.) (pp. 281-308). Bingley, England: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.


Commercial aviation continues to grow but few passenger or cargo journeys begin or end at airports. “Terminal” and “last” mile costs can place considerable drag on interregional trade in goods and services, attenuating growth and prosperity. The aerotropolis model provides a holistic framework for understanding – and addressing – trade costs. The central tenets of the aerotropolis model are outlined and extended by considering the decision to establish a new business facility. Implications are drawn for planning a competitive aerotropolis as the global economy enters a new era.

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Book Section

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Advances in Airline Economics


Kasarda, John D.
Appold, Stephen J.