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Fasting Total Homocysteine (tHcy) Concentration and Mortality in Older Mexican Americans


Colon-Lopez, Vivian; Haan, Mary N.; Aiello, Allison E.; & Ghosh, Debashis (2008). Fasting Total Homocysteine (tHcy) Concentration and Mortality in Older Mexican Americans. Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, 12(10), 685-689. PMCID: PMC3403819


OBJECTIVES: This study examines the association between tHcy on cardiovascular and noncardiovascular mortality.
DESIGN: Longitudinal study of 1,633 Mexican Americans age>60 years recruited in 1998.
SETTING: Sacramento, California.
MEASUREMENTS: Cox proportional models were used to estimate the effects of tHcy on mortality rate in the total sample and in a subgroup of subjects without a history of cardiovascular disease at baseline.
RESULTS: About half of the cohort was born in Mexico. Among Mexican-born participants, high tHcy (>11.0 micromol/L) was associated with a higher rate of cardiovascular mortality compared to those with low tHcy concentrationCONCLUSIONS: The effect of tHcy on cardiovascular mortality is nearly 40% stronger among the immigrant group. tHcy might be an early marker of subclinical vascular pathology amongst the Mexican-born group, despite their apparently healthy profile at baseline.


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Journal Article

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Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging


Colon-Lopez, Vivian
Haan, Mary N.
Aiello, Allison E.
Ghosh, Debashis