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Review of Ann Howard, ed.


Kalleberg, Arne L. (1997). Review of Ann Howard, ed.. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 35(1), 129-131.


The nature of work is being dramatically transformed as we head into the twenty-firstcentury. Technological advances andupheavals in product, capital and labourmarkets have altered organizational forms, restructured jobs and redefinedemployment relations. Demographic trends and newly emerging linkages betweenwork and non-work(schooling, family) have led to new career patterns and methodsof matching persons and jobs. Such changes pose important challenges for socialscientists, managers, policy-makers and millions of workers in industrial societies.This timely and first-rate collection of essays discusses many of these changes andupdates our theories andknowledge of the psychology of work behaviours.


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Journal Article

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British Journal of Industrial Relations


Kalleberg, Arne L.